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Logos as Pronoian: St Athanasius and Natural Science

St Athanasius in Contra Gentes spoke about the illuminated as those who view God’s forethought or “pronoian” by seeing divinity reflected in the pure human nous. In illumination, man views everything in the context of his pure, constant, unchanging union … Continue reading

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No Father of the Church has ever held that investigation of nature through the senses per sé renders any  knowledge that exceeds the probable. To aid the seeker in achieving natural theoria in preparation for the vision of God, Clement … Continue reading

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Pseudo-Dionysius, Divine Names, Book I

Originally posted on Into the Clarities:
Here is a parallel of all of the English translations I’ve found of Book One (or “Chapter One”, if the reader prefers) of Pseudo-Dionysius’ On the Divine Names.  The formatting here is eccentric — there…

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