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Creation and Redemption in Fr. John S. Romanides’ Ancestral Sin

©James L. Kelley 2017 In “Creation, Fall, and Salvation According to Greek Philosophy in General,” the opening chapter of Fr. John’s Ancestral Sin (pp. 41-50),[1] a Hellenistic view of creation and redemption is contrasted with the Orthodox teachings on the … Continue reading

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©James L. Kelley 2017 According to Fr. John Romanides, the First Ecumenical Council was not a convocation of textual critics and careerist ecclesiastics who hoped to use scholarly methods or up-to-date philosophy to understand Church teachings. In other words, they … Continue reading

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James L. Kelley’s Response to Hans-Georg Lundahl’s Critique of Fr. John Romanides

Go here to read Lundahl’s post and Mr. Kelley’s response: http://filolohika.blogspot.fr/2012/03/is-romanides-accurate.html. Lundahl claims that Fr. John Romanides mishandled an ancient source, Dionysius of Halicarnassus’ Roman Antiquities, 3.10.1-6. The details may seem tedious to even Fr. John devotees, but here is my … Continue reading

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James L. Kelley, “Yoga and Eastern Orthodoxy: A Meeting of the Twain?”

James L. Kelley “Yoga and Eastern Orthodoxy: A Meeting of the Twain?” Patanjali, in his Yoga Sūtras, presents a distinctive mode of ascetical practice called Yoga. Though Patanjali’s system influenced later dualistic traditions in Indian religion, he did not detect … Continue reading

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James L. Kelley, “The Zombie Mass: The First Crusade and the Origins of Zombie Hysteria”

The Zombie Mass: The First Crusade and the Origins of Zombie Hysteria –James L. Kelley “They are no Franks, but living demons!” –Chanson d’Antioche Note: For clarity, quotations from ancient and modern sources will be rendered in bold script The … Continue reading

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