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In some early writers like Origen, Clement of Alexandria, and even St. Justin Martyr, we find the idea that the Logos Christ is the completion of a truth that was available in a smaller dose to everyone through reason and … Continue reading

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“In the Beginning Was Fluid”: An Interview with James L. Kelley. Part One. Ancient Cosmogony and Amniotic Light.

Leo Kelley and James L. Kelley, “’In the Beginning Was Fluid’: An Interview with James L. Kelley. Part One. Ancient Cosmogony and Amniotic Light.” May, 2016. Leo Kelley: Okay, what we propose to do here is a series of short … Continue reading

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Jay w/James Kelley – Scientology, Hubbard & Sci Fi Space Opera (Half)

James L. Kelley and Jay Dyer discuss L. Ron Hubbard’s esoteric views on the thetan, Xenu, “space opera,” and even Christology.

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