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The Incarnate Holy Spirit in the Christian West: Mythical Birds and Potent Potables, Part One

In a recent book I wrote the following: In his Mystagogy of the Holy Spirit, Saint Photius claims that the Western Christian dogma of the filioque leads inexorably to the notion that Christ’s flesh and blood body gives birth to … Continue reading

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In his 2013 article “The Image of the West in Contemporary Greek Theology,” Pantelis Kalaitzidis, director of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies, has launched a critique of the supposed ideological, nationalistic, and even racist underpinnings of the theologies of … Continue reading

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In Vedic literature we find texts that carry on an I-E tradition that life-power (AV 18.2.23 “being, power, and energy”) is attained by the moon and stars via their capacity as “watchers.” That is, the celestial bodies reflect the rays … Continue reading

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James L. Kelley, “The Zombie Mass: The First Crusade and the Origins of Zombie Hysteria”

The Zombie Mass: The First Crusade and the Origins of Zombie Hysteria –James L. Kelley “They are no Franks, but living demons!” –Chanson d’Antioche Note: For clarity, quotations from ancient and modern sources will be rendered in bold script The … Continue reading

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James L. Kelley, “Frankish Civilization and the Origins of Anti-Worker Sentiment in the West”

FRANKISH CIVILIZATION AND THE ORIGINS OF ANTI-WORKER SENTIMENT IN THE WEST —James L. Kelley Who were the Franks? In 476 A.D. Romulus Augustulus, the last Western Roman Emperor, was supplanted by the barbarian Odoacer. Many historians have assumed that this … Continue reading

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