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My article “Theology East and West” translated into Romanian

Romanian writer Ninel Ganea has just rendered my article “Theology East and West” (which was originally excerpted from my book Anatomyzing Divinity by Father Deacon Christopher Banks on his blog) into Romanian here: Onward and upward, J. Kelley

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Logos as Pronoian: St Athanasius and Natural Science

St Athanasius in Contra Gentes spoke about the illuminated as those who view God’s forethought or “pronoian” by seeing divinity reflected in the pure human nous. In illumination, man views everything in the context of his pure, constant, unchanging union … Continue reading

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In some early writers like Origen, Clement of Alexandria, and even St. Justin Martyr, we find the idea that the Logos Christ is the completion of a truth that was available in a smaller dose to everyone through reason and … Continue reading

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