Western Esoteric Influences on the Nation of Islam’s Cosmology

Read the mini-article I wrote to go with the first installment of my upcoming “Cults” interview series on Jay Dyer’s superblog. Look for the accompanying interview in a few days…

Jay's Analysis

Interesting symbolism. Interesting symbolism.

Beginning our cult series, James and I will also conduct upcoming podcasts based around his research into some of the more bizarre, outlandish cults in modern America.  Below is the primer for our first installment. -Jay

© James L. Kelley 2015

Scholars have taken notice of the kinship between The Nation of Islam’s teachings and western esotericism. These efforts have gone far in establishing links between the NOI and esotericist forerunners such as the Moorish Science Temple of America and the Theosophical Society [1]. However, a sustained study of the western esoteric basis of the NOI’s doctrines has yet to appear [2]. I hope to push the discussion further with a few words on the NOI’s cosmogonic myth, which could better be labeled a myth of God-man-nature’s origin [3].

The Nation of Islam’s teachings are put forth mainly in a number of short books and pamphlets authored by…

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